The Perm-36 Museum-Reserve is located on the territory of the former correctional labor colony VS 389/36 in the village of Kuchino, Chusovsky city district, Perm Krai.

The colony begins its history back in the Stalinist times. In 1946, wooden barracks were built here for prisoners of colony No. 6 of the Molotov Department of Correctional Labor Camps and NKVD colonies. After Stalin's death and the subsequent large-scale amnesties, the composition of prisoners in the colony changed. Instead of criminals, "domestic workers" and "pointers", former employees of law enforcement agencies, courts and prosecutors convicted of various crimes arrived in the colony.

In 1972, this colony received the first "political" prisoners. According to the authorities, the most dangerous political prisoners were transferred from the Mordovian camps to the Perm region. It was at this time that the colony was named VS 389/36 or "Perm-36". There were two more similar colonies nearby – Perm-35 and Perm-37. In 1980, at the colony "Perm-36" was